Best Innovative Finance ISA for 2019

Previously, whenever you had money you could always keep it in the cash ISA or invest in stocks and shares ISA. However, there is a lesser known third option which is the Innovative Finance which allows you to invest in tax-free peer-to-peer lending. Every year more IFISA providers enter the IFISA industry which can make it hard to pick the right provider. Therefore, in this article, we are going to provide you a list of Best Innovative Finance ISA for 2019 along with the rates they offer and the fees they have. You have to remember that peer to peer lending is an investment which includes returns that are not guaranteed and there is always a possibility of losing your investment.


Kuflink is one of the best IFISA providers in the market. The company has been running successfully for years but it launched peer to peer lending in the year 2016. P2P lending has earned a lot of years since then. The company’s loan Book has grown over £24 million in investment as of September 2018.


The company was launched in the year 2010 and has lent out more than £3 billion to individuals, property, and businesses. You can select between a rolling Market options, 1-year master plan or 5-year marketing plan. Once you select a plan then Ratesetter will allocate your investments for you.

Funding circle

The company has over 79,000 investors with over £4.6 billion worth of funding and has earned over £250 million in interest since 2010. Funding circle provides you two options to pick from. The conservative option which restricts your choices to lower risk businesses. Then there is the balanced option which includes high-risk businesses even though they are still checked to be creditworthy. You can also withdraw money when bill payments come in and you sell investments to other investors.


Zopa is one of the oldest platforms which was founded in 2004. The company has lent more than £3.9 billion to individuals. The company has also received a full banking license which has opened the door to savings, credit cards and accounts. With Zopa you can invest in low-risk Zopa Core or with the higher risk Zopa plus. Then the company will split your money into £10 chunks across a wide range of loans.

Lending crowd

The lending crowd has lent over 50 million since it was founded in 2014. The company has a variety of investment choices. With the growth of the platform, the company will invest your funds to at least 20 business loans which can get you an expected return of 6%. However, the minimum investment has to be of £1000. The lending crowd also offers self-select ISA where you select the loans and can charge rate up to 14.25%.

Assetz capital

The company has over 32000 investors who have earned over 62.5 million in interest. The company provides a wide range of investment options. Assetz capital invests your money for you with rates that range from 4.1 % to 6.25%. The company also provides a manual lending fund option where you can select the investments and can also set up the interest rate up to 11.5%.

Furthermore, Assetz capital provides 30-day account and quick Access which enables you to withdraw your money and for all accounts, you can sell investments to other investors.


Landbay was established in 2014 and has ever since lent out over £251 million in mortgages meaning your money is backed by assets. With this company, you can invest money and then it will allocate it to a portfolio of mortgages for you. The company provides fixed rate option which has an expected return of 3.54 % and a tracker rate option which returns 3.25%. You can earn income monthly if you sell your investment to other investors.

Lending works

The company has lent over £138 million to individuals. With this company, you can invest for 3 or 5 years with the interest rate of 5% and 6.5% respectively. Then the company will allocate your money for you. You can receive weekly or monthly income and you can withdraw early if other investors are available with a 0.6% fee.

The company also has a reserve fund and insurance which covers certain events even though neither guarantee you will get your money back.

Innovative Finance ISA providers

Provider Expected return (up to) Fee Length of investment Minimum Investment
Kuflink 6.1% 1% Up to 5 years £100
Ratesetter 5.90% 0% 5 £10
Funding Circle 7% 1% Up to 5 years £1,000
Zopa 5.20% 0% Up to 5 years £1,000
Lendingcrowd 14.25% 1% Up to 5 years £20
Assetz Capital 11.50% 0% Up to 5 years £1
Landbay 3.54% 0% Up to 5 years £5,000
Lending Works 6.5% 0% 5 £10