landbay review

Landbay Review

Landbay is a peer to peer lending platform where investors can purchase small portions of the buy-to-let property mortgages. And all the Landbay loans are secured by a property. This makes Landbay different from the other p2p platforms where usually the loans are unsecured. This specialist platform has some benefits over the typical p2p lending, […]

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funding circle

Funding circle review

What is the funding circle? Funding circle is a peer to peer lending platform for small businesses. It offers the most reasonable interest rates in the industry. Funding circle medium-term loan provides terms which are like SBA and bank loans. However, it funds your application in just a fraction of the time. What funding circle […]

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zopa review

Zopa Review

Zopa was launched in the year 2005. The company has been in business for over 13 years and has lent more than £3 billion from almost 80,000 investors. It is an example of peer to peer lender who is trying to be a bank. The company is in fact, spinning a part of their business […]

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Ratesetter Review

Ratesetter is a peer to peer platform which offers affordable rates for investors and borrowers both. It is a marketplace, not a bank. People use this platform to borrow money and are matched with people who want to invest.Find out if RateSetter can provide the right opportunity for you.Basically, RateSetter’s goal is to make peer […]

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