Features of an IFISA

Property backed IFISA

P2P platforms are getting sophisticated and as such peer to peer loans are become more diverse – there are some which are insurance backed whilst some others are property backed.

Varied term

The loans offered vary in terms of risk and term. The choice exists between regular returns and short terms one, such as 3 to 5 years, with target returns of up to 13%.

Crowdfunding ISA

One can finance businesses and property loans. The p2p lender will arrange the loan without taking a balance sheet risk, therefore the risk is on the crowdfunding process.

More Angles to An IFISA

Consumer Lending

Without banks, we feel more empowered as consumers to being able to lend to other businesses or ventures. No need to wait in a bank to lend money to others, most of it is done online now, even with apps on the phone.

Peer-to-Peer ISA Risk

Secured and unsecured loan types can have an impact on the P2P ISA. It is imperative to assess the borrower profile before investing. The riskier it is, the better the return.

Automated loan diversification

Gone are the days of waiting for a portfolio manager to manage all your shares and investments. P2P platforms now offer ISA services with auto investment that allows spreading risk across deals.

Our Team

We’re a cool bunch of ISA reviewers in the market, we are not biased in any ways as we are not introducers to any provider in the market and nor do we send referrals so that we can get affiliate fees. But there is a section where we do, head to the ISA comparison table to check offers. All other reviews, blog posts or even news are just what we feel should be putting out to our readers. We are also working on a news app, so stay tuned, it might be available on the Apple Store and Google Play soon.

With regards to how sophisticated ISA offerings have become, we enlighten our readers on that too. There is a lot going on in the Fintech scene with the likes of Fintech competing with traditional banks, in other case they are partnering with banks, and some are actually going one step further to revolutionise the consumer finance side of things by making banking, investing, p2p lending including saving for your goals, really, a walk in the park.

Our Philosophy

We were born yesterday, we’re not afraid to say that – that’s why we consider ourselves to be good reviewers of the recent ISAs being introduced on the market. We understand how new p2p investors think, especially, millennials and gen z. On the other side, we also beta test many ISAs and other Fintech offerings, apps, web platforms and even secondary markets and cards to understand the value proposition, the rates, the risk and also the due dilligence behind each of these p2p lending companies.

We’re also open to any guest posts, or news or even you can submit a request for you to review your ISA product and augmented services for a completely unbiased review. We’re more focused on IFISA p2p opportunities, so you’re welcome to get in touch.

Range of P2P ISAs

Cash ISA

Cash ISAs can be flexible, therefore letting you replace withdrawn cash. They are tax-free, tradition providers offer Cash ISAs

Stocks and Shares ISA

A very tax-efficient way to invest money. They are dependant on risk appetite and with any money saved to reinvest, any profits earnt are exempt from Capital Gains tax.

Innovative Finance ISA

Some IFISAs can be tax free, fee free and also have different terms such as 1, 3 and 5 years. It contains peer to peer loans instead of cash.

Lifetime ISA

In between the age of 18 and 40, one can put up to £4000 each year until one reaches 50. And, the government adds a percentage bonus to the savings.

Characteristics of an IFISA

Lower Risk Lending

Property backed IFISAs tend to have a lower risk as they are backed by hard assets.

Borrower Profile

With proper due diligence, one can see which P2P lender in the market has a successful track record and success rate.


There are some P2P lenders who will co-invest with you each time you lend. These tend to give better security on you P2P investment.